perishes, perishing, perished
1) VERB If people or animals perish, they die as a result of very harsh conditions or as the result of an accident. [WRITTEN]

Most of the butterflies perish in the first frosts of autumn.

...the ferry disaster in which 193 passengers perished.

2) VERB If something perishes, it comes to an end or is destroyed for ever. [WRITTEN]

Buddhism had to adapt to the new world or perish...

Civilizations do eventually decline and perish.

3) VERB If a substance or material perishes, it starts to fall to pieces and becomes useless. [mainly BRIT]

Obviously the plaster's just perished and all fallen off...

Their tyres are slowly perishing.

Derived words:
perished ADJ usu ADJ n

...tattered pieces of ancient, perished leather.

4) CONVENTION (feelings) If someone says perish the thought, they mean that they think that a suggestion or possibility is unpleasant or ridiculous.

Me a policeman! Perish the thought!...

We don't have a computer (perish the thought) and have only recently bought an electric typewriter.

God forbid

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